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Cleaning (and pet stuff)

I don’t like cleaning. I’m just lazy doing it. But when I do get around it, I can clean everything even if it’s 1 in the morning.

I came home from Saizen (my money…huhuhu…) and brought this broom for P85:

Why this broom? Because it’s bristled πŸ˜€ Hahahahaha~ I’m so funny~ Erhem, anyway, the bristles does not only get the little dusty ickies on the floor, but it’s effective in getting the hair, cobwebs, and random dustbunnies.

The downside, it’s hard to clean because it’s bristled. Ehehehe~ annyywayy…I’d rather clean the broom, than have to spend a long time sweeping the floor with moderate results.

I finally got a trashcan! Before, I’ll just hang a plastic bag on the doorknob inside my room and use it to put my trash. So here it is, with lid, for P75 in SM Supermarket. Since I collect plastic bags (not a hobby), I use it as trash bags and put it inside the trashcan. I snap it together with the lid to secure it in place.

I was thinking of getting a cute mop in Saizen earlier. It wasn’t really a mop: it had a rectangular sponge thingy at the end, and it’s as lightweight and small as the broom, but since I bought some pet products as well, I need to skip it, thinking I can do use a wet rag instead for the meantime (I hate doing the wet rag thing for the floor, but priorities are calling. Sigh.)

If you’re curious, I bought a sheet for kitty litter, I think (Saizen, P85) and a feeding bottle for kittens (True ValueP179.75). There’s a smaller one for almost P300, perfect size for kittens, but I need to scrimp. Besides, they’re growing fast anyway, and I bought one because I wanted to check if my kittens will like it.

It has its own bottle cleaner and spare nozzle, just in case they manage to chew one through.

Now, to bed.


Hawk Laptop Bag

This is just a bragging post. Muwahahaha!

I bought a laptop bag slash travel bag that doesn’t look like one. Since I go home every week and I bring my laptop and some clothes home, it’s an ideal bag for me.

The bag has two big separate compartments. One for the laptop, and the other one is for other big stuff. The second compartment (the one for the big stuff) can be zipped up to fill out more space. According to the saleslady, it can hold up to 10 kilos of, well, stuff.

A separate compartment (with zipper and mesh bag) for the laptop and accessories

I brought the box inside back home that weekend.

A smaller sleeve for notebooks, papers, pens, and an umbrella.

The front area of the bag has three smaller pockets, where you can put change, keys, or anything that needed easy reaching.

I do look like a turtle whenever I’m wearing it in its full capacity. And no, there are no pictures of that πŸ˜›

Shopping is fun (when you have the money)

Note: If you noticed an unfinished post of this, it’s because I can’t figure out how to insert photos using the original text box. I have to go and switch to the edit page to insert the pics. I could’ve just saved it as drafts though…hmm…

I bought some stuff for the laptop, new phone, and myself that I planned on buying since last year. Finally got around on doing it this time.

So here’s what I got:

Keyboard Silicon Guard

They’re (what do you call it) somewhat sticking to the keys but not really. Typing on it feels weird, but it attracted some dust that’s usually found at the bottom of my keys. Would need to borrow a mini vacuum for it (I’ll do it probably next week).

The USB Hub and a data cable for my phone still in their wrappings (a tiny fraction of the wrapping my keyboard silicon cover can be seen on the upper left)

This is what they look like when being used (like, right now):

Yellow USB four slot Hub, data cable, and look! A pink dolphin!

A black cellphone jelly case.

Do pardon the scratches on the screen. Good thing there’s a plastic covering on it.

This is a tough find. Since the model of my phone is relatively new here, a hard case for my phone is hard to find. So I opted or a jelly one (and figured I would buy a hard case if I find one in the future).

What it looks like from behind.

A design flaw that I realized when I brought it home.

Excuse that little red dot on my finger ^__^ Anyway, the above picture shows a design flaw I noticed when I got home. I do not blame the product itself, because come on, it’s a soft jelly like cellphone case. That area has a big gap for my second sim and memory card, which leaves that small strip of plastic unsupported, and thus will tend to get loose. Oh well. Maybe I can tape it over or something…?

AND FINALLY, something for myself πŸ˜€

Shoes! Finally!

My mom and my sister had to convince me to buy this. Bought this from a boutique in the town where I live (for Php 750). I guess its a reasonable price for a pair of wedges. And it fits me!

Black wedge shoes. The height is not too high, which is perfect.

This is me wearing it.

That’s me wearing the shoes. It’s a bit tight, but I figured that the garter at the back will get a bit loose as time went on. And did I already mention that it fits me nicely?

I still need to buy a backpack for my laptop, but I’ll wait for a mall sale for that πŸ˜›

I think I just broke Rule #4

Note 1: I changed the display name to “terribells” since this blog is becoming more of a personal one.

Note 2: Oh, and Mikazukii, please don’t tell anyone about this. I swear, with my oddly light frame, I can seriously hurt you (but no pressure. I still love you :P)

Remember I posted a list of some money tips (for myself). Well, I broke this rule:

4.Β Canvass.Β To prevent from, what’s that term? Spontaneous buying?

And I now remember the term–It’s Impulse Buying.

I was planning for to buy a phone. But I never thought to get one so soon (just one day since I got the money O_O). I was aiming for these specs:

a. Dual Sim

b. With a capable cellphone camera

c. Wifi

d. MicroSD capable

e. Preferrably Touch and Type phone, Qwerty.

f. PHP 5k budget

I am eyeing something similar to this one:

Click on image to see specs.

But when I was going around in the mall earlier, I found a less expensive alternative:

Click image to see specs.

And you know what, I bought one on the spot (insert facepalm here).

I bought it for Php 3.5k. It came with a free 8gig Sandisk MicroSD, but it has no wi-fi. Someone had pointed out the ratio of having wifi to places I’m going to. So I realized, I don’t really need the wifi part. I already have a laptop for that.

And compared to Motorola with a 3.15 megapixel, this one is 2 megapixel, which is all right (or normal for phones nowadays).

And it’s newly released.

Aaannd it’s in pink. Yes, in pink.

I got some buyer’s guilt right after buying the phone, but after dinner, I’m okay with it. I’m pretty excited about it actually. I was planning on buying a dual sim phone, and now I got one! 8D

YAY FOR MUNNIES! (And tips for myself on how to save money)

I even made a shopping list! See?

But Im going to buy most of the things in my list when there’s a sale, and not before I go around and actually canvass the things Im going to buy. Two months of no shopping does wonders (horrors?) to a person.

Also Im going to try to do some habit and perspective changes to see if that’s going to change on how I spend my money.

1. Don’t buy what I don’t need. I think I’m okay with this one, though I need to remember this just in case.

2. When it’s not important, maybe I can get it the next chance I get. If I find something, it doesn’t mean I have to buy it NOW. Think it through, or, if budget does not permit it, buy it next time. This is so as to NOT go over on my budget.

3. Make a list. And according to that list, make necessary budget moves. Like, if the list said “Payment for Rent,” I would need to put aside a certain amount for the rent. Same goes with “Food”, “Internet”, etc.

4. Canvass. To prevent from, what’s that term? Spontaneous buying?

5. Take advantage of thrift shops, sales, etc. To save money, of course! Though there are some things that SHOULD not be scrimped on (like healthcare or stuff like that). And if I can get things for free, why not take advantage of that? πŸ˜€

6. DO go to work early. Because those extra minutes of tardiness can reflect on my bi-monthly paycheck. If I can come in early, I’ll get my monthly wage in full, plus, I can go home early if I get some excess time in my clock.

Most of these tips are for me, but if you find some of my tips or suggestions useful, feel free. Let me see if I can get some money in the bank for three consecutive paydays. That could probably inspire me to not spend so much (except on food, my guilty pleasure :P)