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(Moving: Part 1)Goodbye, big room

Last Monday, I’ve moved out of the big room, which I had been living in since last year with my sister, and two months by myself.




More into the bedroom. I like sleeping here.


Empty cabinets, except for the last few items to move out. There are two more cabinets underneath. On the right side is the bedroom.

There. No point in taking more pictures. I just wanna know what it looks like when empty. 


I have successfully moved!

No pics today, but will try to get them up tomorrow. I forgot my data cable back home xD

Anyway, I found out that the room I just vacated will have its new tenant soon, and it’s because he/she read about my room in my blog. So happy! *throws confetti around* I don’t know or have seen this person, but good luck on your move 🙂

Right now, I’m in the newly painted room, so my eyes and nose hurt a bit (or its getting assaulted by the fumes and I don’t notice it anymore). I’ve got loads to tell you but it’s better with pictures.

I’m back with finally a solid move update.


It’s been, what, a month since I’m supposed to move to a smaller room? Well, I’m happy to tell you that I’m moving to that room Monday next week.

Just a background story: I’m renting a room (with a communal bathroom, wash area, and garden) that is bigger (and more expensive) when my sister moved out for her trip to Turkey. So I asked the landlady to move me to a smaller, much more affordable room.

The tenant of the room I’m moving into was scheduled to move out by the end of February. Well, that didn’t happen, and I already paid the adjusted rate for that room. The said tenant had asked the landlady to extend his stay for a week, then a week after that…which became a full blown whole month.

The landlady was kind enough to let me pay the adjusted rate, and still let me stay in the big room.

So me and my things were in limbo: Half boxed things, with clothes all over the empty top bunk of the double deck bed, and the room just plain messy because I forego cleaning since I’m moving anyway. By the end of March, the tenant had moved out, which left some things to fix before I can finally move in: They fixed the door, added a hanging cabinet (because the room had none, and the last tenant had brought a cabinet with him), and yesterday they finished painting everything. Today they should be done fixing the jalousies of one of the windows.

This is what it looks like now:


This is the outside. Everything was left open to help the paint dry out.



The hanging cabinet they recently installed. The plastic bag in the middle is filled with charcoal. They said that charcoal absorbs bad odors, such as the smell of paints.



The view from the inside looking out.

With the help of Paint (unfortunately, I don’t have a tablet so bear with my drawings), I made a schematic/plans on how can I arrange my stuff in the smaller room.


TOP VIEW. The orange spots will be my possible areas of storage (besides the cabinet)

I’ll post pictures when I’m done moving, to give a clear view of what it would look like. Although, the top orange area would be where I would put my water container and food box, and the bottom orange part is where I would put my clothes container.

The top bunk of the double deck is where I would put the boxes where I wouldn’t be using for a long time (situated at the back), and the things I would be using often like the iron (placed at the front for easy grabbing access).

Oh it’s so nice to write again XD

The Waiting Game

We’re supposed to have moved last Saturday. That’s three days ago. The tenant on the room we’re moving to haven’t vacated the place. 

I mean, it’s okay and all since we already paid for the month’s rent of THAT room, but we’re still using the bigger room. It’s the feeling of NOT accomplishing something at the moment, that feeling of being in limbo/being stuck in the middle of the process and couldn’t finish it. I don’t particularly like that feeling.

So right now, I’m waiting. My sister will leave in three weeks, and we have already packed the bulk of our stuff (and most of them are scattered on the floor, stacked). 

I already have some ideas on how to decorate the new room, even though it’s terribly lacking in storage space (“where are the cabinets??”), and I’m excited to try them out.

-checks calendar- O_O is it that time of the month already??

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned about moving into a smaller room in preparation for my sister leaving.


We’ll guess what? That would be in two weeks.


I’ll have to start packing stuff within this week, and will haul them back in Antipolo this weekend. Then by next week, when our neighbor moves out, then we’ll move in.