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Cleaning (and pet stuff)

I don’t like cleaning. I’m just lazy doing it. But when I do get around it, I can clean everything even if it’s 1 in the morning.

I came home from Saizen (my money…huhuhu…) and brought this broom for P85:

Why this broom? Because it’s bristled 😀 Hahahahaha~ I’m so funny~ Erhem, anyway, the bristles does not only get the little dusty ickies on the floor, but it’s effective in getting the hair, cobwebs, and random dustbunnies.

The downside, it’s hard to clean because it’s bristled. Ehehehe~ annyywayy…I’d rather clean the broom, than have to spend a long time sweeping the floor with moderate results.

I finally got a trashcan! Before, I’ll just hang a plastic bag on the doorknob inside my room and use it to put my trash. So here it is, with lid, for P75 in SM Supermarket. Since I collect plastic bags (not a hobby), I use it as trash bags and put it inside the trashcan. I snap it together with the lid to secure it in place.

I was thinking of getting a cute mop in Saizen earlier. It wasn’t really a mop: it had a rectangular sponge thingy at the end, and it’s as lightweight and small as the broom, but since I bought some pet products as well, I need to skip it, thinking I can do use a wet rag instead for the meantime (I hate doing the wet rag thing for the floor, but priorities are calling. Sigh.)

If you’re curious, I bought a sheet for kitty litter, I think (Saizen, P85) and a feeding bottle for kittens (True ValueP179.75). There’s a smaller one for almost P300, perfect size for kittens, but I need to scrimp. Besides, they’re growing fast anyway, and I bought one because I wanted to check if my kittens will like it.

It has its own bottle cleaner and spare nozzle, just in case they manage to chew one through.

Now, to bed.