What to do when you don’t have money

Well, what do I do when I don’t have money.

Judging by the way sweat is soaking through my sleeveless shirt, and to think  I just took a bath, is a sign of summer. Summer months usually accompany going out to beaches or swimming pools, or go to higher places with cooler temperature (like Tagaytay or Baguio), but for someone as broke as me, I would need to be a little more creative.

1. Swimming. Still my number one suggestion because, come on, who wouldn’t want to submerge their whole body into the cool water. I suggest Amoranto or any inexpensive and near swimming pools in your area. In Amoranto Sports Complex, they have an olympic size swimming pool for only P50 entrance fee. Downside, everyone else in that area is probably there too. You can pull out your inflatable pool if you have one and lounge there.

If you’re already in your 30s lounging in your kiddie inflatable pool with a cool drink in your hand while your neighbors are looking at you weirdly, then ignore them. Or ask them to join you. Either way, you’re getting yourself cooled off and they aren’t.

2. Malling. If you don’t have money, go to a mall and use their airconditioning system to avoid the summer heat. Just know where the lounges are just in case you get tired. And window shop–it would be counterproductive to buy anything especially if you’re low on funds.

3. Staying home, two electric fans blasting at full capacity at you, and having a dvd marathon with friends or loved ones.

I’m more of a number 3 person, but if I get bored and/or have nothing else to watch, number 2 is an option. I’ll go with number one if anybody is sponsoring me 😀


Hawk Laptop Bag

This is just a bragging post. Muwahahaha!

I bought a laptop bag slash travel bag that doesn’t look like one. Since I go home every week and I bring my laptop and some clothes home, it’s an ideal bag for me.

The bag has two big separate compartments. One for the laptop, and the other one is for other big stuff. The second compartment (the one for the big stuff) can be zipped up to fill out more space. According to the saleslady, it can hold up to 10 kilos of, well, stuff.

A separate compartment (with zipper and mesh bag) for the laptop and accessories

I brought the box inside back home that weekend.

A smaller sleeve for notebooks, papers, pens, and an umbrella.

The front area of the bag has three smaller pockets, where you can put change, keys, or anything that needed easy reaching.

I do look like a turtle whenever I’m wearing it in its full capacity. And no, there are no pictures of that 😛

Food During Lent

Tuyo. Pic taken from source.

For a devout Catholic, Lent is a chance to atone for sins committed in the past. However, for children who have devout Catholics as parents, mealtimes proved to be a daunting task.

Instead of limiting oneself to pritong galunggong the whole three day event, maybe it’s time to be a bit creative so as to not let the less devout people feel like they’re having a penitensya.

During Lent, Catholics are devoid of eating meat products as a way of fasting. Yesterday, I had Tuna Pie, Pineapple Juice, and Sundae from Jollibee (I was out with bf). Breakfast, I had what Bicolanos call Balisoso (coconut something pastry wrapped in banana leaves). Lunch, I had Daing na Bangus. Dinner, I had the leftover Daing na Bangus, with  Adobong Gulay. We still have a whole mamon cake which I can munch on as mindnight snack, or as breakfast tomorrow.

A friend of mine had Ginataang Kalabasa with Alimango for dinner, which I’m jealous of.

I wonder if we can have some Mushroom or Asparagus soup for tomorrow, together with fried or grilled Tilapia? Rellenong Bangus sounds wonderful as well. Or maybe Fish Tinapa with Kamatis and Itlog na Maalat. Then have some Papaya fruit as dessert, and/or Mango Juice.

Crap, this post is making me hungry.

I’m back with finally a solid move update.


It’s been, what, a month since I’m supposed to move to a smaller room? Well, I’m happy to tell you that I’m moving to that room Monday next week.

Just a background story: I’m renting a room (with a communal bathroom, wash area, and garden) that is bigger (and more expensive) when my sister moved out for her trip to Turkey. So I asked the landlady to move me to a smaller, much more affordable room.

The tenant of the room I’m moving into was scheduled to move out by the end of February. Well, that didn’t happen, and I already paid the adjusted rate for that room. The said tenant had asked the landlady to extend his stay for a week, then a week after that…which became a full blown whole month.

The landlady was kind enough to let me pay the adjusted rate, and still let me stay in the big room.

So me and my things were in limbo: Half boxed things, with clothes all over the empty top bunk of the double deck bed, and the room just plain messy because I forego cleaning since I’m moving anyway. By the end of March, the tenant had moved out, which left some things to fix before I can finally move in: They fixed the door, added a hanging cabinet (because the room had none, and the last tenant had brought a cabinet with him), and yesterday they finished painting everything. Today they should be done fixing the jalousies of one of the windows.

This is what it looks like now:


This is the outside. Everything was left open to help the paint dry out.



The hanging cabinet they recently installed. The plastic bag in the middle is filled with charcoal. They said that charcoal absorbs bad odors, such as the smell of paints.



The view from the inside looking out.

With the help of Paint (unfortunately, I don’t have a tablet so bear with my drawings), I made a schematic/plans on how can I arrange my stuff in the smaller room.


TOP VIEW. The orange spots will be my possible areas of storage (besides the cabinet)

I’ll post pictures when I’m done moving, to give a clear view of what it would look like. Although, the top orange area would be where I would put my water container and food box, and the bottom orange part is where I would put my clothes container.

The top bunk of the double deck is where I would put the boxes where I wouldn’t be using for a long time (situated at the back), and the things I would be using often like the iron (placed at the front for easy grabbing access).

Oh it’s so nice to write again XD

Now THAT’S an interesting layout

Watch your step!

This is a nice take on a loft design, however, a warning sign outside is advisable (or make a landing platform)

To buy list became smaller; A Kimono Ken dinner

My list had gotten shorter

My shopping list now have fewer items compared to the three panels I did on the first list. I eliminated the ones I have bought already (the strike lines), and eliminated the ones that I don’t need anymore and the items I could just get the next time (a.k.a., not really that important).

I would need a foodbox soon because my cabinet is becoming more of a kitchen utensils than food storage. Besides, having a properly sealed container would keep it safe from enemy critters (and probably make it a bit fresher). I prefer a plastic, translucent one, so I can check out which food to eat (or what’s left).

Also, I would need to cut down on my food expenses. I am becoming more tempted to buy the expensive ones, especially if I’m in the mood of, let’s say for tonight’s dinner, Japanese.

And thus, we go to the dinner part of this post: Kimono Ken.

I ordered:



And some stuff that I wasn’t able to take a picture of because I was so hungry I ate them all and I forgot about it. Hahaha~

I had Miso Soup, House Tea, and a sushi roll which I forgot the name.

I had Gyoza and Chahan before and I wasn’t able to finish it, and I thought to order them again to try and finish them at last. I didn’t. Instead, I took them home and I’ll eat them tomorrow morning as breakfast 😀


Remember this post about an application I was filling out a few weeks before?

I got in!

More on their site here.