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Updates; discovered a new dinner place

Put up another page: the Submit page. Since I’m only a one-woman show, I need all the help that I can get. Fair warning, please post legit sites and ads. Thank you.


I heard that the last spot for this bed spacer ad had been filled. Check in a few months if there’s going to be any available spots at that time.


Me and my sister tried out a new place for dinner. It has always been there, and although their location is advantageous, they are a bit “invisible” for customers, if you know what I mean.

It’s called Likha Diwa, a vegetarian and seafood restaurant.

Will blog about it tomorrow (if my pictures from my cellphone transferred successfully, that is >.<)


The room I’m moving in a month or so

Didn’t go room hunting yesterday (nor is there anything scheduled), so I’ll just share how my room looks like. This room is fit for two people (me and my sister are current tenants of this room). By early February, we’ll be moving in a smaller room, most of our stuff will be shipped back home (in Antipolo). By late February, my sister is leaving for four months in Turkey.

So by that time, I’ll be having the smaller room for myself, until I can find a place for both of us (come July) where we can both agree on.

So far, these are the schematics of both rooms:


By early February, the room we’re renting in will be vacated (by us), and the room we’ll move in will also be vacated as well (some random guy). The big room is not really a room, more like, another room in a room, so it’s quite bigger than the rest of the units (or anywhere I’ve seen so far). We’re paying Php5k/mo, inclusive of water and electricity. Downside, you can’t really cook much. You can bring a rice cooker though, and do your meals, but that’s going to be limited. But if you don’t bother much with cooking, and wanted a nice place to sleep in, then this is perfect for you.

On another note, I think there’s a cat living on the space on our ceiling. Heard her climb up last night. I saw her the other night, and I thought she’s just going to stay there temporarily (or got stuck). But there she was again. I think she’s using the grills on our window as makeshift wall ladder.

Will try to get a picture of her though. She’s just a cute darling!

Room for Rent, Fernando St., KNL

Contact: 09991964204

Ad says:

-P3.500/mo (3-5 persons)

-Second Floor

-Sariling Sala, Kusina, Kwarto

-Sariling Hagdan (Don’t know what that means, but I’ll find out)

-Sariling submeter ng kuryente

-P100/head ang tubig

This is too good to be true!  A room for 3.5k that’s big enough for 5 people! And have its own kitchen! But wait, where’s the bathroom?

I went to that place last night to check it out (my sister wanted specifically to have a place to cook). But I don’t know where Fernando Street is, but I contacted the number and told me to meet up at the church in Plaza Sta. Ynez. Hmm…that’s a bit far from the main road, I thought (C.P. Garcia’s my reference). But still worth checking out.

My contact turned out to be a guy (which is rare since I always encounter female owners). He led me to a series of turns and narrow roads. I think this is the apartment complex they’re all talking about. This is near if you ride a tricycle from Savemore Sikatuna, and just walk from a corner in Maginhawa Street, I’m guessing.

Anyway, the “unit” is half of the second floor of their house, which you can reach by a steep set of stairs. The “sala” place (I would say sala, but it can be big enough to place a small table in there for dining) has two couches (placed askew in the middle), and a tv cabinet at the other end of the room.

That’s the right side of the room when you enter the front door. On the left is a space which the owner plans on setting up a sink (when I arrived, it was empty). At the far end, just past the living room, is the bedroom which is disappointingly not done yet. There is no wall and no ceiling yet, and the space is just half of the living room (prolly enough to squeeze a double deck bed in there).

Here’s a floor plan, just in case you can’t understand my babbling:

So…where’s the bathroom?

He led me down the stairs and went inside the main house, where the bathroom is. It doesn’t matter if the bathroom is small, or odd looking, as long as its clean. Yes, this was clean, but it worried me that I have to go down the stairs (outside) to get inside the bathroom. If there are going to be some tummy emergencies, it’s going to be quite a chore.

The owner’s parents are quite nice. The father has sooo many caattss!! (I am a sucker for pets, especially cats) If location is more pleasable, I would take that unit just for the cats.


Affordability: 4/5 (a submeter would mean a monthly electric bill or equivalent)
Location: 2/5 (If you don’t mind walking a lot)
Cleanliness/Ambiance: 2/5
Safety: 3/5

Total:  2.75/5

Lady Bedspacer, Castaneda St., UP Amorsolo, near KNL.

The ad said (which I found in a waiting shed in front of CAL Faculty Center) that they have the lowest rate ever. And they do: P1,700/head, inclusive of everything (though plus P300 if you have a laptop).

It wasn’t easy to spot it at first, but the landlady is very accommodating, and waited for me at the nearest waiting shed. The landlady  decided to use the rest of their house as lodging areas for students/single working ladies.

Oh, first things first, currently I am looking for a place to move because my sister (whom I’m sharing the lodgings with) will be leaving for Turkey by February. I would need an affordable place to live by then.

Here’s the floor plan for reference (since I wasn’t able to take pictures):

It’s a four person room. Everything is new, even the bed.


1. Very, VERY near to Math building. If you know where Hardin ng Rosas is, they are just adjacent to it.

2. The place is near the Ikot Jeepney Route.

3. Clean (because it’s new).  The table area near the double deck is foldable.

4. Residential area (not the typical congested KNL area)

5. They’re right behind Daza Hall (Barangay Hall).

6. You have your own key to the door and gate (though if you are scared of dogs, you’re going to have to tell the landlady the time of your arrival (not to late though) because they’ll be releasing their dogs in the house.


1. They don’t let you cook much. They’ll provide you with hot water for instant noodles though (It’s because she is scared of a possible house fire due to unattended appliances). Their neighbor can provide you with food though (P50/meal, your choice, and your time of delivery).

2. From KNL area, it’s going to be quite a walk.

3. I think they’ll looking for one more.  I forfeited my slot because they needed confirmation ASAP (and I won’t be available until February). She said she’s going to text me if the slot has been filled. So far, I received no texts from her yet, so I assume the slot is still open.

If you don’t bother cooking (like I do. I can’t cook to save my diet!), and if you’re on a budget (lodging-wise), this can be all right. Especially if you’re a Math or Science Major. It’s also okay if you don’t mind room mates.

Affordability: 4/5 (cooking food would save money)
Location: 3/5 (It’s a bit out of the way to key places)
Cleanliness/Ambiance: 4/5
Safety: 4/5

Contact No: +639066615641