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I have successfully moved!

No pics today, but will try to get them up tomorrow. I forgot my data cable back home xD

Anyway, I found out that the room I just vacated will have its new tenant soon, and it’s because he/she read about my room in my blog. So happy! *throws confetti around* I don’t know or have seen this person, but good luck on your move 🙂

Right now, I’m in the newly painted room, so my eyes and nose hurt a bit (or its getting assaulted by the fumes and I don’t notice it anymore). I’ve got loads to tell you but it’s better with pictures.


Browsing the Web: Study/Office space for rent

Because when I’m bored, or when I thought of a subject or idea, I tend to look it up in the Internet. And this time, it’s all about renting office spaces.

The idea is that instead of leasing and spend tons of money for overhead capital just for an office, you can just rent a cubicle, or an office room. Ideal for start-up businesses. Most setups like these offer phone and Wi-Fi, and usually other clerical needs such as faxing and photocopying are free (so is coffee!)

One of the nice setups I’ve seen is MicroOffice. Based in New York, they offer individuals with small business to set up shop near where their clients are. They even offer the use of conference rooms, which I think is nifty. They also host an afternoon mingling with their “neighbor” businesses, to get to know each other. Imagine? All you need (graphics, copy writing, sales, medical) is already in one building.

If you want what a greener, sustainable alternative is, try and check out Green Desk and Green Spaces for ideas.

It’s also becoming a trend in the Philippines, wherein building owners rent office spaces to small businesses in Makati and/or Ortigas area (saw this classified ad).

There’s one here in Katipunan called Alchemy Business Center, which also offers studying areas for students (Katipunan is a student-concentrated area since that’s where you’ll find Ateneo and Miriam College. University of the Philippines is not far though).

Looks like a computer shop, but no computers