Readings and Drawings

I. Cat swimming

I was browsing my usual RSS feeds when I encountered this so-cool-of-an-Instructable: Teach your Cat how to Swim.

^So cute, though I think she’s on the verge of panicking.

Anyway, the instructable is ideal for people who have a pool, and can tweak its settings or something, like chlorine content and temparature. If I’m going to do this to my cats, I’ll need an inflatable that wouldn’t get punctured easily, or a bit tub of water.

Or maybe they wouldn’t bother learning at all. Hey, it’s a cool instructable anyway.

II. Yarn Bombing

Been popping up in Pinterest, and in other art-related blogs, but I never knew it was technically called as Yarn Bombing, and the verb use of this is “bombed” (e.g. The tree has been bombed). Anyway, I’m not familiar with this one as it’s relatively new, so Imma post this here for future reference.

III. Draawwiingg

Here’s something I did last week. I recently was doing digital painting and lineart from scratch, but last week I was in a hurry to finish this so I did the lineart manually, scanned, and did the coloring digitally.



Click on the link for the bigger version.

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