(Moving: Part 2) The Mess Within

Although I already have a setup in my head on how I’ll place the things, in the end, I’ll just dump everything inside the new room and go from there. I did try to start arranging and fixing stuff in the room as I go along.

The new room. It reeks of paint.

This box baby was the first one who got in.

Window with no jalousies. A potential security risk.

The landlord hanged this for the room. Look at the cute kittiesss~

This was placed on the wall beside the kitty picture frame for the future wall fan.

And so…

Use the wall fan base as a hook. Tadah!

The empty top bunk is now being used as storage.

Table dumpage

Table dumpage with LIGHT!

Since I cannot put hooks on the ceiling, I opted to loop a piece of plastic rope (or twine, or whatever you call it) by the window beam and used it to hang my umbrellas.

Instant umbrella hanger!

Unfortunately, the umbrella hanger doesn’t have the space to put this plastic bag filled with plastic bags (redundant hehe)

I think I needed to sort this as well...

I was sitting on the bottom bunk of the bed, when I stood up, and hit my head on the corner of the cabinet door. It hurt like hell.

Be careful of this lethal weapon

There. Generally, I have placed my things in their designated areas in the room, but detail-wise, it needed more ironing. Like the clothes, the cabinets, the arrangement of my things on the top bunk. Generally everything. I’ll fix them as the week goes and hopefully I’ll be able to finish it before this weekend.

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