What to do when you don’t have money

Well, what do I do when I don’t have money.

Judging by the way sweat is soaking through my sleeveless shirt, and to think  I just took a bath, is a sign of summer. Summer months usually accompany going out to beaches or swimming pools, or go to higher places with cooler temperature (like Tagaytay or Baguio), but for someone as broke as me, I would need to be a little more creative.

1. Swimming. Still my number one suggestion because, come on, who wouldn’t want to submerge their whole body into the cool water. I suggest Amoranto or any inexpensive and near swimming pools in your area. In Amoranto Sports Complex, they have an olympic size swimming pool for only P50 entrance fee. Downside, everyone else in that area is probably there too. You can pull out your inflatable pool if you have one and lounge there.

If you’re already in your 30s lounging in your kiddie inflatable pool with a cool drink in your hand while your neighbors are looking at you weirdly, then ignore them. Or ask them to join you. Either way, you’re getting yourself cooled off and they aren’t.

2. Malling. If you don’t have money, go to a mall and use their airconditioning system to avoid the summer heat. Just know where the lounges are just in case you get tired. And window shop–it would be counterproductive to buy anything especially if you’re low on funds.

3. Staying home, two electric fans blasting at full capacity at you, and having a dvd marathon with friends or loved ones.

I’m more of a number 3 person, but if I get bored and/or have nothing else to watch, number 2 is an option. I’ll go with number one if anybody is sponsoring me 😀

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