Food During Lent

Tuyo. Pic taken from source.

For a devout Catholic, Lent is a chance to atone for sins committed in the past. However, for children who have devout Catholics as parents, mealtimes proved to be a daunting task.

Instead of limiting oneself to pritong galunggong the whole three day event, maybe it’s time to be a bit creative so as to not let the less devout people feel like they’re having a penitensya.

During Lent, Catholics are devoid of eating meat products as a way of fasting. Yesterday, I had Tuna Pie, Pineapple Juice, and Sundae from Jollibee (I was out with bf). Breakfast, I had what Bicolanos call Balisoso (coconut something pastry wrapped in banana leaves). Lunch, I had Daing na Bangus. Dinner, I had the leftover Daing na Bangus, with  Adobong Gulay. We still have a whole mamon cake which I can munch on as mindnight snack, or as breakfast tomorrow.

A friend of mine had Ginataang Kalabasa with Alimango for dinner, which I’m jealous of.

I wonder if we can have some Mushroom or Asparagus soup for tomorrow, together with fried or grilled Tilapia? Rellenong Bangus sounds wonderful as well. Or maybe Fish Tinapa with Kamatis and Itlog na Maalat. Then have some Papaya fruit as dessert, and/or Mango Juice.

Crap, this post is making me hungry.

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