To buy list became smaller; A Kimono Ken dinner

My list had gotten shorter

My shopping list now have fewer items compared to the three panels I did on the first list. I eliminated the ones I have bought already (the strike lines), and eliminated the ones that I don’t need anymore and the items I could just get the next time (a.k.a., not really that important).

I would need a foodbox soon because my cabinet is becoming more of a kitchen utensils than food storage. Besides, having a properly sealed container would keep it safe from enemy critters (and probably make it a bit fresher). I prefer a plastic, translucent one, so I can check out which food to eat (or what’s left).

Also, I would need to cut down on my food expenses. I am becoming more tempted to buy the expensive ones, especially if I’m in the mood of, let’s say for tonight’s dinner, Japanese.

And thus, we go to the dinner part of this post: Kimono Ken.

I ordered:



And some stuff that I wasn’t able to take a picture of because I was so hungry I ate them all and I forgot about it. Hahaha~

I had Miso Soup, House Tea, and a sushi roll which I forgot the name.

I had Gyoza and Chahan before and I wasn’t able to finish it, and I thought to order them again to try and finish them at last. I didn’t. Instead, I took them home and I’ll eat them tomorrow morning as breakfast 😀

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