I think I just broke Rule #4

Note 1: I changed the display name to “terribells” since this blog is becoming more of a personal one.

Note 2: Oh, and Mikazukii, please don’t tell anyone about this. I swear, with my oddly light frame, I can seriously hurt you (but no pressure. I still love you :P)

Remember I posted a list of some money tips (for myself). Well, I broke this rule:

4. Canvass. To prevent from, what’s that term? Spontaneous buying?

And I now remember the term–It’s Impulse Buying.

I was planning for to buy a phone. But I never thought to get one so soon (just one day since I got the money O_O). I was aiming for these specs:

a. Dual Sim

b. With a capable cellphone camera

c. Wifi

d. MicroSD capable

e. Preferrably Touch and Type phone, Qwerty.

f. PHP 5k budget

I am eyeing something similar to this one:

Click on image to see specs.

But when I was going around in the mall earlier, I found a less expensive alternative:

Click image to see specs.

And you know what, I bought one on the spot (insert facepalm here).

I bought it for Php 3.5k. It came with a free 8gig Sandisk MicroSD, but it has no wi-fi. Someone had pointed out the ratio of having wifi to places I’m going to. So I realized, I don’t really need the wifi part. I already have a laptop for that.

And compared to Motorola with a 3.15 megapixel, this one is 2 megapixel, which is all right (or normal for phones nowadays).

And it’s newly released.

Aaannd it’s in pink. Yes, in pink.

I got some buyer’s guilt right after buying the phone, but after dinner, I’m okay with it. I’m pretty excited about it actually. I was planning on buying a dual sim phone, and now I got one! 8D

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