YAY FOR MUNNIES! (And tips for myself on how to save money)

I even made a shopping list! See?

But Im going to buy most of the things in my list when there’s a sale, and not before I go around and actually canvass the things Im going to buy. Two months of no shopping does wonders (horrors?) to a person.

Also Im going to try to do some habit and perspective changes to see if that’s going to change on how I spend my money.

1. Don’t buy what I don’t need. I think I’m okay with this one, though I need to remember this just in case.

2. When it’s not important, maybe I can get it the next chance I get. If I find something, it doesn’t mean I have to buy it NOW. Think it through, or, if budget does not permit it, buy it next time. This is so as to NOT go over on my budget.

3. Make a list. And according to that list, make necessary budget moves. Like, if the list said “Payment for Rent,” I would need to put aside a certain amount for the rent. Same goes with “Food”, “Internet”, etc.

4. Canvass. To prevent from, what’s that term? Spontaneous buying?

5. Take advantage of thrift shops, sales, etc. To save money, of course! Though there are some things that SHOULD not be scrimped on (like healthcare or stuff like that). And if I can get things for free, why not take advantage of that? 😀

6. DO go to work early. Because those extra minutes of tardiness can reflect on my bi-monthly paycheck. If I can come in early, I’ll get my monthly wage in full, plus, I can go home early if I get some excess time in my clock.

Most of these tips are for me, but if you find some of my tips or suggestions useful, feel free. Let me see if I can get some money in the bank for three consecutive paydays. That could probably inspire me to not spend so much (except on food, my guilty pleasure :P)

  1. March 7th, 2012

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