A medicine kit. Everybody needs one.

There is something about this week. Yup. Something that involves physical strenuous activities and that I get to suffer for it. Last week (until early this week), it’s badminton for five hours with muscle pain on my right arm, back, and leg…which eventually led to a fever and cough. Now, I am limping because of a sore muscle on my right thigh. I think this is my fault. I woke up the wrong way this morning.

Last time, I wrote about how we are on a “moving limbo”. Earlier while I was segregating some toiletries, I came upon my “med kit” (an old cheese spread bottle, with gauze, a bandaid, a couple of anitbacterial pills, some antihistamines, and a tablet for fever). I was getting the antibacterial (for my cough, to reduce phlegm infection) when I realized I need a better medicine kit. I can’t seem to get the pill out.

I did eventually. As I look at the bottle, it needs to be bigger, and the pills and tablets needs updating. Maybe I can throw in a mini alcohol bottle, more band-aids, and medicines for the flu. I don’t know what else to put in there, but I guess I can find a list on the Internet.

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