One of the things you should know in finding a place to live: Know your landlords and their rental system.

Or landladies. I often find landladies than landlords anyway.

Let me tell you a story. Two weeks ago, a friend of mine suddenly needed a new place to live because she had a dispute with the landlady, and now the landlady wants her out. The dispute? My friend asked the landlady for receipts on monthly payments for the room she’s renting.

Me: Wait, you mean to tell me the landlady is NOT giving you receipts from the start?

Friend: No.

Me: And you agreed to it?

Friend: Yeah, but after a while, I was asking for it so I can keep track.

It came to a point where the landlady wanted to report her to a barangay…because she was asking for a receipt. Wow. That would be interesting.

Well, my friend did not entertain the barangay request (If it were me though, I’d go and tell them about me, a customer, not getting a receipt for services I ought to be getting). And moved to KNL (behind Daza Building).

Last night we ate dinner at Kitchenette. Her first time to eat there. She had sinigang. I think she liked the place 🙂


Wasn’t able to post as much as I would because I’m preparing to move into a smaller room within this week.

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