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Battalia Royale: Battle Royale Filipino Style

I have NO idea THIS was going on here in the Philippines!

The headline: Can you kill a classmate?

That is the theme of the whole event. Good thing that the students who participated did not die (they used fake blood), but think about it. If you were in that situation, would you kill a person (or persons) to ensure your survival.

It’s morality versus your chance to live. I wouldn’t be able to decide myself if I was in that situation, nor bear to watch something like that. But the “fakeness” of it all is making my curiosity of the event valid.

Hmmm…I wonder when the next event will be?



Upcoming Battalia Royale in Cubao

Friday, March 9, 2012 at 7:00pm until Sunday, March 11, 2012 at 4:00pm

For more information, go to their Facebook page, though last I heard it, tickets already sold out.


“Why should we accept you?” Answering application letters.

Smile for the camera

Smile for the camera!

For the past week, I’ve been putting up some materials for my application to an art group. The last question in the form comes in that dreaded sentence.

I am not sure how to tackle the question, so I asked my seatmate “How do you think should I answer this…?”

“The practical way?”

Because it can provide me with more job opportunities.

“The (slightly bit) butt-kiss-uppery way?”

Because I know that your group can help me grow as a person.

“Or the super honest way?”

Because I like your group. That is all.

My seatmate gave me a look that says “I don’t know/what the hell/your call.”

I laughed. I’ll probably give it my own version to that answer. And I hope my answer will fit in the provided box.

Room for Rent in KNL are like this

But not as pretty xD

A medicine kit. Everybody needs one.

There is something about this week. Yup. Something that involves physical strenuous activities and that I get to suffer for it. Last week (until early this week), it’s badminton for five hours with muscle pain on my right arm, back, and leg…which eventually led to a fever and cough. Now, I am limping because of a sore muscle on my right thigh. I think this is my fault. I woke up the wrong way this morning.

Last time, I wrote about how we are on a “moving limbo”. Earlier while I was segregating some toiletries, I came upon my “med kit” (an old cheese spread bottle, with gauze, a bandaid, a couple of anitbacterial pills, some antihistamines, and a tablet for fever). I was getting the antibacterial (for my cough, to reduce phlegm infection) when I realized I need a better medicine kit. I can’t seem to get the pill out.

I did eventually. As I look at the bottle, it needs to be bigger, and the pills and tablets needs updating. Maybe I can throw in a mini alcohol bottle, more band-aids, and medicines for the flu. I don’t know what else to put in there, but I guess I can find a list on the Internet.

UP Fair 2012: A date with Destiny

So we missed the part where Gary Valenciano sang (first ever in UP Fair history) because I was still resting (I was sick the whole day, and was coughing still as I type this).

I didn’t want to go inside in the first place. I’m content lounging outside the fair grounds, munching on grilled corn and listening at the performances from afar. Then again, going inside is still NOT a bad idea (or is it because of peer pressure…?).

Was able to hear Kitchie Nadal from the audience, Gloc 9 from the ball throwing booth, Paraluman as we go home (around 1am). We had dinner inside the fair grounds. Forgot the name of the food booth, but they have this yummy sausage-bacon-mushroom-cheese-wrap. And it’s rare for me to find a booth that has mustard, so I drizzled myself some helpings on my wrap heap. The whole thing costs P70. Plus gulaman from somewhere nearby (P10).

But the real money clincher was the perya booths. We got lured to the shooting games (P20-30). Oh,  and I won this from the ball throwing booth:

Sorry if this is going to be a short post, but I need to rest. Need to be early tomorrow. Happy Fair-ing everyone (is there even a greeting like that?)

Greenhills Badminton Center

So we bought vouchers for GBC a while back and used it yesterday. I say it was an intense experience which I am still experiencing today (ouch, my back).

Our schedule was a bit early, from 7am to 4pm. But I didn’t arrive until 8. My boyfriend arrived two hours later. I entertained myself by eating breakfast at McDonald’s and looking at stores that opened early (like DIY).

We started with footwork. When his friends came, he gave me pointers on stance and how to hit the shuttlecock properly. I think I need work on my stance, but I was getting it right in some points of our games.

Met his friends who are wonderful people. We joked and laughed about our mishaps in our playing. At 1pm, we ate lunch at KFC, which was nearby. Around that time, my right arm is already hurting, and I’m starting to feel something funny on my legs and back. I didn’t feel the brunt of it all until much later.

Around 3:30, I had to quit. My left knee was already buckling. Well, this is what I get for not doing any sports or any sporty activity in the past few weeks. I did enjoy a game my bf and his friend had with two others from the other court.

This is what I love about this game–you can meet new people!

You’ve got to be friggin’ kidding me. Too bad they weren’t able to maintain Lagoon…


Checking back my Multiply site, i ran across these pictures of the University of the Philippines. Mga pictures kung saan ang UP Ikot pa ay UP Pterodactyl at ang Toki ay Lytcadoretp. Nakalimutan ko na kung saan ko napulot ang mga ito, pero mukhang these desereve some reblogging. Kaya ito.

Mga aeriel views muna tayo.

Sa aerial view, parang mga scaled model pa lang ang UP, parang yung mga display ng binebentang condo unit sa mga malls at lobby ng ABS CBN.

Then Go na tayo sa AS at ang katapat nitong Main Lib

Now naman, punta na tayo sa horror-like building ng Educ, pero maraming natututunan sa building na ito.

Wala munang vinzons, College of Law. Ang mirror image ng Benitez so sing-horrifying din. So Simba rin muna tayo sa likod pang alis ng bad spirits.

Dahil diyan, punta na tayo sa Enggineering Building

Sige na nga Melchor Hall na…

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