The room I’m moving in a month or so

Didn’t go room hunting yesterday (nor is there anything scheduled), so I’ll just share how my room looks like. This room is fit for two people (me and my sister are current tenants of this room). By early February, we’ll be moving in a smaller room, most of our stuff will be shipped back home (in Antipolo). By late February, my sister is leaving for four months in Turkey.

So by that time, I’ll be having the smaller room for myself, until I can find a place for both of us (come July) where we can both agree on.

So far, these are the schematics of both rooms:


By early February, the room we’re renting in will be vacated (by us), and the room we’ll move in will also be vacated as well (some random guy). The big room is not really a room, more like, another room in a room, so it’s quite bigger than the rest of the units (or anywhere I’ve seen so far). We’re paying Php5k/mo, inclusive of water and electricity. Downside, you can’t really cook much. You can bring a rice cooker though, and do your meals, but that’s going to be limited. But if you don’t bother much with cooking, and wanted a nice place to sleep in, then this is perfect for you.

On another note, I think there’s a cat living on the space on our ceiling. Heard her climb up last night. I saw her the other night, and I thought she’s just going to stay there temporarily (or got stuck). But there she was again. I think she’s using the grills on our window as makeshift wall ladder.

Will try to get a picture of her though. She’s just a cute darling!

  1. January 26th, 2012

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