Lady Bedspacer, Castaneda St., UP Amorsolo, near KNL.

The ad said (which I found in a waiting shed in front of CAL Faculty Center) that they have the lowest rate ever. And they do: P1,700/head, inclusive of everything (though plus P300 if you have a laptop).

It wasn’t easy to spot it at first, but the landlady is very accommodating, and waited for me at the nearest waiting shed. The landlady  decided to use the rest of their house as lodging areas for students/single working ladies.

Oh, first things first, currently I am looking for a place to move because my sister (whom I’m sharing the lodgings with) will be leaving for Turkey by February. I would need an affordable place to live by then.

Here’s the floor plan for reference (since I wasn’t able to take pictures):

It’s a four person room. Everything is new, even the bed.


1. Very, VERY near to Math building. If you know where Hardin ng Rosas is, they are just adjacent to it.

2. The place is near the Ikot Jeepney Route.

3. Clean (because it’s new).  The table area near the double deck is foldable.

4. Residential area (not the typical congested KNL area)

5. They’re right behind Daza Hall (Barangay Hall).

6. You have your own key to the door and gate (though if you are scared of dogs, you’re going to have to tell the landlady the time of your arrival (not to late though) because they’ll be releasing their dogs in the house.


1. They don’t let you cook much. They’ll provide you with hot water for instant noodles though (It’s because she is scared of a possible house fire due to unattended appliances). Their neighbor can provide you with food though (P50/meal, your choice, and your time of delivery).

2. From KNL area, it’s going to be quite a walk.

3. I think they’ll looking for one more.  I forfeited my slot because they needed confirmation ASAP (and I won’t be available until February). She said she’s going to text me if the slot has been filled. So far, I received no texts from her yet, so I assume the slot is still open.

If you don’t bother cooking (like I do. I can’t cook to save my diet!), and if you’re on a budget (lodging-wise), this can be all right. Especially if you’re a Math or Science Major. It’s also okay if you don’t mind room mates.

Affordability: 4/5 (cooking food would save money)
Location: 3/5 (It’s a bit out of the way to key places)
Cleanliness/Ambiance: 4/5
Safety: 4/5

Contact No: +639066615641

  1. January 25th, 2012

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